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Tips that might help you solve your own printer problems or questions

Laser Printers

POOR PRINT QUALITY - Check the following:
  1. Is there an indication that the toner cartridge(s) is low or empty? Even if not, try swapping out the toner cartridge with a new one, or one "borrowed" from another printer
    Also, try taking the toner cartridge out, shaking it, and putting it back in
  2. Is the printer set to "toner saver or economode" either will produce very light print copy
  3. If you use a power strip, be sure to power down the printer first, then shut off the power strip
PAPER FEED PROBLEMS / JAMS - Check the following:
  1. Is there any indication on the printer control panel - lights blinking, error message? Open ALL doors and panels, and look for a jammed piece of paper or paper scrap
  2. Feed card stock, envelopes, photo paper, etc. through shortest/straight path - usually NOT the paper tray
    Use the photo paper tray if available on some models
  3. Has the paper been "fanned" before loading into the printer?
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